Innovation Lab

Our unique teaching tools and methodologies allow teachers to demonstrate typical concepts of Science, Maths and Social Science by various experiments during their regular classroom sessions. These teaching aids are mapped with curriculum's of CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge IGCSE, IB and State's Education Board (I-X) .

  1. K-10 Classroom 5D experiential teaching aids with methodologies.
  2. Certified teachers' training program with customization.
  3. Quarterly multi-parameter student assessments & feedback
  4. Support in the national and international innovation challenges.

Key Points


Real working product on Science , Mathematics and Astronomy to support the Interactive based learning for K-10 enabled schools. It creates the involvement in teaching and learning by 5D Approach. Delivered and availed by the Schools via customized srjna Lab establishment followed by the Teacher's Training.

SRJNA Methodology

Imagine a class where the students can see the concepts functioning real in classroom teaching, Magic! More than 2.5K Teachers has approved and enjoying with a success for last 2.5 years. Students are taken on this tour by teaching and learning pedagogy by teacher in presence of our real experiential aides on science and mathematics. Moreover, Students after learning the concept are not only allowed to expose self in the SRJNA Innovative LAB but also are allowed to apply these learning through ideation and designing at SRJNA Tinkering Labs. These products put the remarkable impact in schools.

SRJNA Curriculum

Our training is supported by the on product manuals, Student Worksheets and Assessments (Offline and Online). It’s the holistic approach where the students’ learning in active or passive formats is being assessed. Questions are designed in such a manner that it helps in to calibrate conceptual understanding, Environmental understanding, Aptitude, Accuracy, Reading, and numerical solving on a concept. In default it helps a teacher to judge self on the delivering throughput in class.

Prepkin Assessment

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What gain to be Analyzed ! A multi-parameter assessment tool with three difficulty levels on 5 different parameters Attention, Memory, Logical, Quant & Situation. Generates reports with a Net score to each parameter on Accuracy & Speed to understand child’s overall growth in learning.

Teachers Training

In this we train the teachers to provide Class room experiential learning to the Students using real Operandi Product and methodologies. Customized workbooks for teachers to deliver better conceptual concepts to students. It is blended with teaching, learning, and emotions.